January 2015 Classes NOW ENROLLING

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Intermediate/ Advanced Improv Workshop

Wednesday night madness continues with instructor, PATRICK BRISTOW. The class will keep your technique up to snuff and your instincts honed. This ongoing class is offered in 6 week segments and admission is only for students with previous improv training. Admission for returning students will be given priority.
6 Wednesday Nights 7-10pm
Theatre Asylum Lab
January 14th through February 18th.
Fee – $225.00

Acting For Improvisers!
Since improv is basically…well, “acting,” it only seems right that improvisers might want to get some of the same techniques and approaches that all actors are trained in. Our course is specifically geared toward helping talented improvisers improve their authenticity, characters, presence, and to attain a deeper understanding of acting. This supportive course starts you right at the beginning with theatre games designed to put you in touch with body, emotion, voice and basic script analysis. Students will be required to do some homework and limited outside rehearsal. JAYNE ENTWISTLE will gently guide you through the introductory process pulling upon her experience as a consummate improviser and working actress. Rarely offered and not to be missed!
6 Tuesday nights 7-10pm
Elephant Theatre
January 6th through February 10th.
Fee – $225.00


Ted MichaelsTed Michaels is BACK! His 6 week long form workshop will give you an introduction to the long form style with a particular emphasis on story. As a founding member of The Crazy Uncle Joe Show at The Groundlings, Ted has exercises and approaches that will help you start the process of mastering this popular improv style. You’ll develop a more acute sense of group story creation, listening, narrative long form technique –  and have a great time learning!
6 Thursday Nights 7-10pm
Elephant Theatre
January 8th through February 12th
Fee – $225.00

TO SIGN UP FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE CLASSES OR TO BE NOTIFIED OF FUTURE CLASSES, send an e-mail to director@improvatorium.com

Hitchcocked! Trailer

Enjoy our new Hitchcocked! Trailer featuring photos by Debi Doge!